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@ mischa’s we believe that “more is more”

Our accent furniture is expressive and possesses character. We believe in living life at its fullest and not to be afraid to express oneself and one’s uniqueness.

No two people can put together the same exact look for a room. Away from minimalism, neutralism and the scare of -God forbid- a piece of furniture popping out when your eye skims a room, we do want to create layered-living spaces, where the eye wonders on a journey and stops and takes a second to take in the beauty of every piece and corner it sees.

Our dream is for our pieces to invoke and awake a smell, a picture, a memory or call in a state of homeliness that comforts us.

Our pieces are called “accent furniture” , because they are meant to be collected and put together and added on to from our brand and from everywhere else old and new.

yellow border for Mischa's furniture
yellow border for Mischa's furniture


We are not afraid of mixing up colors and texture and take on the challenge.

We accept the challenge and encourage everyone to not be afraid of color and texture and mixing up pieces to create unique spaces.

Getting it right is such a joy, even if going the minimal route is easier and safer.

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What is “misha’s” furniture?

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misha’s CHAIRS

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